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Healing for the Healer ~ A Circle Awakening

As we bathe in the first Full Moon energy of the year, we hold the energy of infinite possibility.

A fresh start.
A place to root our creation.
An awareness of what we are dreaming into being.

Asha's newest offering offers 6 months of support for the healer within you.

We gather once per month for a teaching/training and a healing circle.

We gather during the most magical times of the month. Full or New Moon, Equinox and Solstice, so that we may be surrounded with the most powerful Earth and Star Medicine.

Some have asked if they can join monthly, and I have now made this a possibility.

There is always a replay of each circle available and circles are hosted through Zoom.

Here is more information for each circle:

January 31st – Full Moon
Bear Medicine:
Strengthening your protection
Staying in your own lane
Listening to the call of your inner cycles

February 15th – New Moon
Eagle Medicine:
Rising up in times of turmoil
Keeping a healthy, healed vibration
Connecting to your intuition

March 20th – Spring Equinox
Raven Medicine:
Ceremony for Renewal and Transformation
Awakening your Power
Activating your Medicines Within

April 30th – Full Moon
Swan Medicine:
Returning to Grace
The Art of Surrender
Healing through Contrast

May 15th – New Moon
Deer Medicine:
Navigating through life as a sensitive being
Healing the inner critic
Clearing out shame

June 21st – Summer Solstice
Buffalo Medicine:
Ceremony for Manifestation and Creation
Your Infinite Divine self
The Power of Gratitude

Join for all 6 months and receive 2 additional group calls with Asha where you have the opportunity to receive one on one guidance and healing.

Join for all 6 months and save $60.00.

Link to sign up is here: ashafrost.com/sacredcircles

Asha welcomes your healer self into our sacred circle.


“Sacred” – A Medicine Mentorship 

Starting April 2018 (4 spaces available)

One-on-one support for deep healing, mentorship, intuitive guidance, sacred teachings, ceremony, sacred space holding and initiation.

The Medicine Rites are within you. Ready to be awakened.

Calling all Sacred Medicine Holders, Divine Healers, Intuitive Beings, Heart Based Entrepreneurs.

Are you looking for ways to deepen your gifts? Are you needing support in stepping further out into the world to share your medicines? Are you drawn to Native Medicine Teachings, Guidance and Healing?

If so, the Ancestors and Medicine People are calling you up to step into your Medicine Self.

Teachings may include but are not limited to:

Healing Circles
Sacred Space Holding
Animal Spirits
Spirit Guides
Sacred Medicines
Hands on Healing
Moon Medicine and Cycles

And more….

Your soul knows. You are ready to step forward. You are ready to be seen. It is time to activate your medicine rites and remember who you truly are.

Cost: $3000 CDN or payment plan: $3333.00 CDN

What’s included: 

9 Private 60 Minute Sacred Healing and Intuitive Mentorship Calls OR in person sessions with Asha.

Full Access to Asha’s Medicines, intuitive guidance, wisdom and healing through email support for 3 months.

A sacred container held just for you, to deepen and root more deeply into who you truly are.

If this speaks to you and you have any questions, please contact Asha to set up a Medicine Call to discuss.


Healing Rainbow Medicine Teachings (Online) 

Our Four Directions hold the most magnificent sacred space for our lives.

In the East, we have Eagle Medicine ~ to remind us of the visionaries that we are.

In the South, we have Deer Medicine ~ to remind us to soften, to love, to sink into compassion. 

In the West, we have Buffalo Medicine ~ to remind us that we are always provided for, all is well, to trust in the abundance of the universe. 

In the North, we have Bear Medicine ~ to remind us to stand our ground, hold sacred boundaries, deepen into our healing ways. 

Asha created this course with our Four Directions teachings to help facilitate deeper healing for our lives, our hearts, our evolution.

4 Teaching Videos about our Sacred Medicines.
4 Recorded healing circles, journeys and teachings about our Animal Medicines
A Sacred Medicine Journal to track, reflect and deepen into your healing journey.

A vastness of self discovery, deepening and soul growth.

Cost: $97 CDN

For more information and to sign up, please visit: www.ashafrost.com/teachings


Working with you, Asha, both in a private healing session, and in your healing circles, has been a beautiful and powerful experience. You have enabled me to receive guidance and insight and brought into my awareness the places I need more healing and clarity. I am so grateful to you for helping me to reclaim my art and my writing as vibrant parts of my creative being. You also helped me to realize that I need to work on my relationship with my father, who died in 2009, in order to move forward and make all my relationships healthier. At a beautiful healing circle I was able to connect with my "little girl self," and welcome back the magic she loved into my adult life. Thanks to this reunion with the magic I adored as a child, ideas for stories and other creative writing have been flowing through me in abundance. I can't thank you enough Asha. Blessings to you.


I have attended many of Asha’s shamanic group meditations and healing circles over the last several years. As someone with a need to live my life deeply connected to myself and my truth, Asha’s sessions become experiences of deepest possible self-care. The meditations enable me to connect with my higher self and to spiritual and angelic support. They offer clarity regarding underlying feelings, visions and gentle guidance, helping me connect with my heart and to vulnerable places in need of healing energy, attention, self-compassion and self-love. I trust that I receive whatever I need during the meditations, weather it is channeled through my own being or as a compassionate message received through Asha.

Asha is deeply compassionate and truly gifted.


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