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For many years, Asha has been offering teachings and healings in person, her events most often filled to maximum capacity.

In 2016, she was guided to step into the on-line world. When she gave her first on-line circle, she was overjoyed to find the journeying was just as powerful, the energy just as strong, and the circle just as sacred.

Asha was now ready to offer her Medicines to people all over the world through on-line programs and events.

She continues to transition her teachings to on-line formats so come back often to see what's new, or stay up-to-date by joining Asha's Sacred Medicine Circle Facebook Group


Healing for the Healer ~ A Circle Awakening

A fresh start.
A place to root our creation.
An awareness of what we are dreaming into being.

We gather once per month for a teaching/training and a healing circle.

We gather during the most magical times of the month. Full or New Moon, Equinox and Solstice, so that we may be surrounded with the most powerful Earth and Star Medicine.

There is always a replay of each circle available and circles are hosted through Zoom.

Link to sign up is here:

Asha welcomes your healer self into our sacred circle.


Sacred Medicine Training

Starting May 2018

To all of the Beautiful Lightworkers. Healers. Visionaries. Intuitive Mentors. Leaders. Medicine Holders.

It's time to shine in your most brilliant presence!

Introducing Asha's first Certificate Course: Sacred Medicine Training

This course is for those who are wanting to step up into the next level.

It is for those who are wanting to learn, evolve and deepen into confidence, presence and visibility.

Asha's soul is calling you into this divine appointment with her. Calling those who truly want to increase their skills, learn new ways, move through their fear and stand in the power.

Our time together is based on a modern day approach to the 7 Grandfather Teachings.

Each week you will receive:

This is an extension of the program Asha ran last Winter and there is now an option to receive a Certificate of Completion!

If this speaks to you, please visit for more details.

"Surrender the Struggle" Teaching and Healing Series


Sign up for this 5 day Teaching and Healing Series Video here:


Animal Spirit Teaching and Healing Series


Sign up for this 5 day Teaching and Healing Video Series here:


Sacred Medicine Circle Facebook Group

Join Asha and over a thousand beautiful souls on her Sacred Medicine Circle Facebook Group.

This Sacred Medicine Circle is for Visionaries, Healers, Mentors, Facilitators and Teachers or people who dream of creating this for themselves.

In circle, we are one, are you ready to dream your magical life into being?

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