2015 Spirit Animal Teachings 

Asha Frost - Tuesday, December 29, 2015



As an Ojibway Woman, I am deeply connected to the Animal Spirit Realm.  Animal Totems come through during my healing sessions, my circles, intuitive messages and they are a huge part of my own spiritual support system for my life.  As we come close to the end of this year, I wanted to share the brilliant teachings and messages the Animals have brought my way.

What Animal Spirit Medicine taught me in 2015.

1. Eagle Medicine:

Two beautiful Eagles visited me on my vision quest in the summer, circling just above my head. They reminded me that I am a Visionary, a Seer. Their presence was a gift from Creator, helping me to remember my gifts and share my wisdom.

Sacred Teaching:

Set a vision, trust in your highest self and know that you have everything within you to fly.

2. Deer Medicine:

This year, when I made mistakes, I made a conscious effort to offer myself compassion and let go. Deer Medicine whispering, every step of the way to soften the edges of the inner critic and forgive myself.

Sacred Teaching:

Love yourself deeply. Offer yourself gentle and kind words and energy.  You are worthy.

3. Bear Medicine:

In the healing of my physical body from Lupus, I realized that when I set appropriate boundaries, deep healing occurs. In the last quarter of this year, I have stepped up to set more boundaries than ever before, and my body has reflected this healing.

Sacred Teaching:

Stand your ground. It is safe to set boundaries and speak up when needed.

4. Duck Medicine:

A spirit helper for the mystics and the seers and can help you to explore your stored emotions. It holds the medicine of water and I have spent the last few weeks processing many emotions through tears. Duck Medicine has surrounded me as I did not realize just how much was stored. As a healer, we hold such sacred space for so many. Duck showed me that it was safe to release all that I was holding.

Sacred Teaching:

Let go and allow your stored emotion to flow.

5. Buffalo Medicine: This year was my most abundant year ever in business. My healing circles and events were sold out, I raised my prices and everything just flowed so magically. The drum that I use for my healing work is made of Buffalo hide and when I play it, reminds me to be grateful for how far I have come.

Sacred Teaching:

 Abundance! You are always provided for. Trust in the divine flow of the universe.


I am deeply grateful for all of the guidance, support, protection and love that the spirit world provides and to all of the people that joined me in healing this year.  Chi Miigwetch, beautiful souls!  I would not be creating this life without you!

May the end of this year provide you with sacred reflection and comfort for all the healing that has transpired. May 2016 be filled with wisdom, grace and deep love. A. xo

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