Ocean Love 

Asha Frost - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I just returned from a beautiful trip to the ocean. It was a week of filling up my cup and I did not realize just how much my spirit needed to rest. As always, with restoration and quiet, there is deep reflection. On my departure, I promised myself no distractions and turned off my phone. I offered myself one whole week enjoying every moment, no phone, no Facebook, no texting. It was glorious. In the quiet, here is what I learned.

1. The divine speaks through the ocean.

Water has always been a means of divine inspiration for me. Messages from my guides travel to me each morning as I shower. The ocean amplifies it all. The Divine reminded me to fall in love, with myself. Over and over again, as the waters rocked me, so much was cleansed and healed. I let go.

I sent prayers and healing to all of the waters of the world and asked that the healing spread out to all of the people that need it. I soaked in the energy of love and bathed myself in turquoise shimmer. The ocean spoke to me in its deeply healing, vast, magical way and I promised her that we would meet again very soon.

2. A social media cleanse can cultivate self-love.

I love social media. But I realized that my ego was getting too easily swayed by likes, loves, hearts and external validation. I happen to love my ego as she informs me when I need to take a good look at the truth. And so I did. No Social Media for a week was a breath of fresh air.

Guess what I did instead? I loved every single moment of what was right in front of me and I did not miss out on a thing. Gratitude increased, intimacy soared, and I loved myself from the inside out.

In my cleanse, I read 5 books. The most profound statement came to me from Kate Northrup’s “Money – A Love Story.”

“All of the admiration in the world, can’t fill the spot where love goes.” Indeed.

All of this inspired me to love myself deeper. To love my ego, to love my human self and to continue building a healed relationship with my inner world.

Every time I wondered if people would forget about me if I wasn't interacting online, I let the ocean wash it away.  

Every time I worried that I was somehow falling behind, I breathed in the salty air and exhaled.  

Every time I worried that somehow, I wasn't enough, I looked at the reflection of my husband's eyes and saw that my simple presence, was more than enough.  

And it was from this place, that peace was cultivated.

3. Foam party bubbles can help you to remember why you fell in love.

My husband and I met when I was 23. In Acapulco, on Spring Break. Needless to say, there was a foam party, you know the kind, swimming through bubbles, through a haze of margaritas. Good times.

Fast forward to the present day when we were coming back from the ocean and saw that the pool was filled with a massive amount of bubbles. And so, I did what any 38 year old would do, I jumped right in. And then I remembered, 15 years ago, I was dancing, (more like swimming) in bubbles with this guy who I thought was cute and then I lost my shoe. He instantly jumped down into the sea of bubbles and retrieved it for me.

That’s my husband for you. Kind, helpful and has picked up my pieces more times that I can count. It all started with one shoe.

Sometimes you just need to pop some bubbles to see what is right in front of you. Beautiful, committed, long lasting love.

4. A pool competition can inspire self-acceptance.

It’s an understatement to say that I am not an athlete. Now, I know that some of you reading this will try to get me to see my innate athleticism, but unless we are having a dance party, I really have to work at it.

So, when the resort asked for volunteers and played really fun music, of course, I thought it was a dance party and ran up to participate.

Unfortunately, for me, the music stopped there. Instead, it was an obstacle course around the pool with fastest swimming, jumping, leaping sort of things involved. I’m sure my husband was standing there with his mouth open and I fumbled around beside the amazing women who I was positive, did triathlons.

But I did it and vowed to love myself through every moment. Even through the dreadful “clap and cheer for your favourite competitor” part. I did it and rooted in a deeper sense of self-acceptance in the process.

5.  Body love is an essential part of wholeness.      

Every day, I did yoga on the beach and in my yoga practice, I loved every part of my body. 

In the past, I will admit that I have judged myself for not being “good” enough at yoga, too stiff, not flexible enough and therefore, I did not participate as much as I would have liked to.

The reflection in this trip caused me to fall in love with myself and my body. When you love yourself, there are no limits. Loving your physical body is such an important part of a healed state. Confidence is sexy. Yoga will now be part of my daily practice.

The lessons from my time at the ocean will stay with me forever. I am grateful for the teachings of the Turtle. Retreating is essential for my path; solitude, medicine for my soul. From my full cup to yours, I send you my love,

A. xo




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