A Clean Bill of Health - Healing Lupus 

Asha Frost - Tuesday, December 02, 2014



I always think this is an interesting phrase.  "A clean bill of health."  What constitutes this?  I was thinking about this today as I went to a Rheumatology appointment.  I have not been to the Rheumatologist for about 4 years but had some strange symptoms in the summer that I thought should be checked out.  Of course when the appointment actually gets here the symptoms have healed themselves.

My doctor is lovely and asks how I healed the symptoms and I told him that a homeopathic remedy shifted it.  He did not really understand how homeopathy works, so he spoke into his little microphone that I took some herbs and things resolved themselves.  He then looked at my blood work and tells me: "Well, you are in the same state as you were 4 years ago, your blood work shows that you still have Lupus and that the antibodies are at the same levels."

This fascinated me!  4 years ago, I could not walk up or down the stairs, put my socks on or write. 4 years ago, I had to get a cortisone shot to help me move and live.  4 years ago, I felt sick.  Very, very sick.  And now, I feel well! Yet, my blood work showed the exact same status.  There has been an incredible shift in my being since then.  So this, to me, was very interesting.

So, who do we trust?  Do we trust the doctor that is telling us we are still "sick"?  Or do we trust our own divine wisdom that is telling us that we are healing each and every day and moving towards optimal health?  Do we wait for that "clean bill of health" from our doctor?  Or do we go inwards and trust our own healing path, tuning into what is truly happening for our body and spirit?  These are the questions I pondered today.

I have had a really tough time trying to balance out my journey with the medical system and following the way that my heart and soul knows is best for me, natural medicine, medicines from the earth that nurture, restore and heal.

For me, the struggle has been in the times, I have gone down the road of waiting too long and ending up in the hospital.  It has only been a handful of times and truly, it is my own stubborn self getting in the way of asking for help.  But it has happened.  And then I end up followed up by the allopathic system and it never fails, I always somehow end up worse off than when I started.  I am not bashing the medical system.  It has a divine place for many.  It has helped me in times of crisis.  Yet, the majority of the time, when I have been able to follow a natural route, I have felt lighter and rooted that deep knowing within me that I am restoring my health, one day at a time. 

The balance is tough.  When you are followed by the medical system, you are often inundated with fear and at times, hopelessness.  With natural healing methods, I have been gifted with empowerment and trust.   So, what does one with a chronic illness who wants to heal naturally do?  In all honesty, I have tried to stay far, far away from doctors.   I empower myself with Healing Treatments, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and much more to keep myself in balance.  And I have healed enormously from doing this.  I have spent a lot of money as I do not have any coverage for these treatments and every single penny has been worth it.

And I was reminded of this today.  I could choose to go down this path where the medical system keeps trying to find something wrong with me, or I could politely say 'No, thank you' and walk towards this path of deep wisdom and trust.

Years ago a dear friend of mine had a dream about me that I leaped off a building and died.  Then I was in a cocoon and emerged the sacred butterfly.  This week I was given a message about being the butterfly - that I have truly transformed, my cells are light and it is safe to be in my body.  Butterfly Medicine has followed me deeply on this path. So today, with deep gratitude, I close my eyes and listen to my heart that beats effortlessly in my chest.  I feel the flexibility of my joints that allow me to walk and move, I look down at my hands that are once again able to type with ease.  And I feel healed.  There is no blood test in the world that can tell me all of this.  Just my own powerful knowing.  A. xo


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