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Asha Frost - Sunday, August 09, 2015




When I first started my business as a Homeopath, I was 27, excited and driven to make a name for myself in the community.  I networked, I wrote articles and hosted talks on homeopathy. My business was growing through referrals and word of mouth and I felt that I was on the right path.

As my business grew and I saw more clients, what I noticed was that I could see spirit around them. I saw animal spirits, their guides, their angels and people who had passed on. I would start to hear these beings offer healing messages and guide me to the remedies that I needed to use.

Growing up, my mom instilled a deep connection to the spirit world, therefore, it was not strange that I could see these things, but I was amazed at how strong the messages and visions were. I knew that I could not ignore the direction that spirit was guiding me so I started to share what I was receiving through guided meditations with my clients. We started with them seated in a chair and I would lead them through what was channeled through me. They would leave feeling relaxed, connected and at peace. I trusted that spirit was guiding me and that my path was opening up.

My clients would often ask me if I would start to do meditation classes for groups. At the time, this thought terrified me. Standing up in front of a crowd of people was not my strength (or so I thought). I felt spirit pulling me in this direction as more and more people asked this of me, so I asked the universe to show me the way.  My guides gave me the message:  "You are a guiding light.  It is time to shine."

I was asked to speak at an event in Toronto called Life Fest. It was my second year of practice and I felt deeply honored to speak. I imagined that I would be placed in a small room with maybe 20 people attending and that I would speak about my love for homeopathy. When I got there, I was directed to a dressing room where the brilliant and talented Erin Davis was also getting ready. I looked at the program and realized that we were speaking at the same time. I instantly thought to myself, well, there goes my 20 people and assumed that my audience would be filled the family and friends that I had invited.

When I was led out to where I was presenting, I saw that I was in the middle of the entire show on a huge stage. My hands still sweat thinking about it. There were about 150 seats set up and people were filing in. When all was said and done, it ended up being standing room only. Where was my small room with my family and friends? I was terrified.

And then I remembered that I had asked the universe to show me the way.

So, I called on my guides for help and I asked for my highest, more authentic self to step forward. And something huge took over me that day. My husband, who was in charge of my video display, said that he didn’t know where that “Asha” came from!

And it was successful! Somehow, my shy, introverted, terrified self, spoke in front of a huge group of people in the middle of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. To this day, I am so grateful that I did not know what I was getting myself into. I was guided by spirit and the universe showed me the way.

Since then, I have hosted and facilitated hundreds of meditation classes, healing circles, workshops and group healings. Every single time there are butterflies in my stomach. Every single time I wonder if I make a difference. Every single time I have to call on my most authentic, higher self to step forward and allow spirit to simply channel through me.

It has not been an easy path, but it has been one of the most profoundly moving and deeply healing one for the shy, sensitive little girl who dropped out of Kindergarten because it was too much.

If I am walking this path, I believe that anyone can. We simply have to get out of our own way. If you are being called to speak, to lead, to guide, to facilitate, there is a reason.

Since I have led most of my life, trusting that my path opens up, I have been guided to offer a beautiful training weekend for those who wish to step up as speakers, leaders, healers, guides and facilitators.

The training is called Healing Rainbow Facilitator Training as my Spirit Name is a very important part of the work I do. I am Nenaandawi Waagikaagan Kwe - Healing Rainbow Woman and wish to inspire others to step fully and completely into their Medicines, the gifts that you were born to share.

I put out this intention with my great love and light, calling out to all of the souls who are meant to gather in circle with me. If this calls to you, I would love for you to join me. Here are some of my core beliefs around this weekend and who we are calling in.

 ♥ I place confidence in:

*you, as a leader in your community.

*the incredible power of a healing circle.

 ♥ I trust that:

*as we sit and share in circle, we all heal together. Your wound is my wound. Your healing is my healing.

 ♥ I hold:

*a safe space to process emotions and to express vulnerability.

*a vision of you sharing your magnificent gifts with the world. 

I understand:

*the challenges one may face in becoming more visible.

*the doubts, the fears, the mistakes, the growth, the lessons and the journey of group facilitation. 

 ♥ I have no doubt that:

*you are meant to share your unique gifts.

*you are a precious gem.

*you have a unique life experience that has taught you more than you could ever know.

 ♥  I believe, with all my heart that:

*I am not a guru, I do not know any more than you. We are all teaching and learning from each other. When we sit in circle, we are one.

*we can facilitate deeper, more profound healing for others when we are able to delve deeply into our own healing first.

*we all have moments of self-doubt, times where we lack confidence and times where we do not feel good enough.

*your time to heal your self-doubt and fear of visibility is now and we can do this together.

*You are divinely worthy of abundance. 

*You are a powerful creator.

If your soul has been calling you to step up and shine your light in a greater way upon this earth, the time is now.  Our weekend will be filled with ceremony, deep self-healing, ancient wisdom and love.  Your soul knows the calling.  You are a guiding light.  It is time to shine. A. xo

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