Beach Magic 

Asha Frost - Thursday, April 25, 2013

We just returned from a trip to Punta Cana.  It was absolutely glorious.  White sandy beaches, turquoise ocean, waves lapping at my feet.  Absolute perfection.  And I fully experienced every single moment.  The ocean seemed more blue, the trees more lush, the sand more white.  And I wondered why.  I have travelled to many places over the years.  Why is it, that *this* time, it felt different?

And I realized that this was the first time that I went away and felt well.  I was not struggling through any physical ailment.  I was physically healthy.  I am physically healthy.  It happened while I wasn't looking.  It happened. 

Tears are steaming down my face as I write this because I realize that full and complete healing has happened without me looking.  I have worked so hard for this moment.  So hard.  And in the midst of the waves, the wind and the tropical flowers, something blossomed.

I have always been a believer.  I believe in miracles and magic.  I believe that anything is possible...for my clients, for my friends, for my loved ones.  But I realized that there was an old belief system playing in the background for my own healing.  I realized that I have believed that healing must be a struggle, that I must arduously, determinedly and diligently work through each step, layer, by layer of my wounding.  That healing must be treacherous.  That the miracles weren't available...for me.

Perhaps it was a feeling that I don't deserve healing.  Perhaps it was based on an ancestral wounding.  The struggle, the heartache, the trauma, the suffering of my people.

But then the ocean came.  And the ocean did what it was meant to do.  It washed away all of the pain.  And then the wind came.  And the wind did what it was meant to do.  It brought lightness and freedom.  And then the colour came.  The colour of my name sake.  Healing Rainbow Woman.

Healing Rainbow Woman.

And the violets and pinks surrounded me in love and magnificence.  And the turquoises and greens swirled around me in truth and vision.  And the oranges, golds and reds moved in to root and ground all of the healing.

And I breathed.  I breathed so deeply.  I breathed in miracles, magic and hope.  For my given name means hope.  Hope for a better way, hope for a healed outcome, hope for a healed body.

And so it is.

A. xo


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