Growth of a Business Owner 

Asha Frost - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In the last month, I have been working on completing my regulation requirements for Homeopathy.  So much has been revealed to me in this process and it has really had me thinking about my journey as an Entrepreneur.  When I opened my practice, June of 2004, I was a bright shiny star of hope.  In school, we had the impression that opening a business as a Homeopath was going to be abundant and flowing.

Much to my surprise, being a Homeopath was really challenging for those first 5 years. I felt very alone.  I felt like the Little Engine That Could, chugging away, uphill.  Recently, I was chatting with some colleagues who echoed the same struggles.  Yet, nobody ever talked about them.  Were we too ashamed to admit that our practices were not thriving as we had hoped?

Being an Entrepreneur can be both fulfilling and challenging. That duality that exists in life, exists in running your own business.  I believe that owning your own business tests you in the absolute deepest way.  As entrepreneurs, we are our own cheerleaders.  We must get up every day and move through any self-doubt and insecurity that we might be feeling.  We must continuously inspire ourselves to be the best self we can be.  In the healing industry, we must walk our talk. Some days, we are on top of the world.  Other days we just want to hide in bed and never come out.

Trust me, I have had those days.

Sometimes my husband and I both look at each other and think we are crazy for both being in business for ourselves. There is no “security”, no pension, no paid vacation or sick days. Yet we both come home at the end of the day truly fulfilled and can honestly say that we are living our dream and purpose. 

Even though I *love* my work, it has not always been all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.  Any Entrepreneur will tell you this I am sure.  My business has been my biggest teacher.  Almost every day I am faced with an opportunity for more healing and a deeper connection to who I truly am.  This is an incredible blessing.  There are so many blessings.  I get to connect with people on a soul level and help them to remember their light.  I get to interact with the most beautiful people on this planet, every single day and see them shine.  It is rainbows.  And it is rain.  It is sunshine and it is darkness.

And that is okay.  Because in my experience, life has been more full that way.

When I started my business I wished that I had a mentor, or someone who fully understood what I was going through.  Apparently my path was to be my own mentor. To dig deep and find the courage within myself.  So I did.  I have spent the better part of 11 years diving into healing what needs to be healed. Each day presents a new opportunity for healing. A trigger. An upset. A perceived failure. All brilliant opportunities to  heal that next layer.  There have been many highs and many lows.  But I knew that I could never give up.

The intention of writing this post is to remind any Entrepreneurs out there that you are most definitely not alone. I see you. I get you. I have been in the place where I did not even have 20 dollars to fill up my car. I have been in that place where you doubt if you are ever going to make a living from what you are dreaming into being. I know. You are not alone. And more importantly, the world needs you and your gift.

The following tidbits are what I have taken deep into my heart and allowed to root there. They are truth for me in what I have learned. It is my hope that they resonate with you, too.

1. There is an ebb and flow to business. Slow weeks are a gift.  They are there to give you a rest, a chance to breathe.  Try not to worry. Things will flow again. Take this time to nap, do yoga, have a lunch date with a friend. You deserve it.

2. Build really good relationships with other business owners. Know that they can be your greatest support and allies. Honor them. Respect them. Act in integrity and grace with them. Be in a constant state of gratitude to anyone that refers business your way or assists you in expanding your network. Pay it forward. Help other business owners that you resonate deeply with. Promote them. Share their gifts with the world. This will always come back to you.

3. Networking is an amazing way to get your name out there. Expand your horizons beyond groups that feel safe (i.e. if you are a holistic practitioner, only networking with like-minded people). Network with all types of people. They may end up being your biggest referral source! Yes, you might have to introduce yourself and speak to a crowd full of people who you don’t know, but how else are people going to know about you? I was terrified of Networking at the beginning of my business. Public speaking was not one of my strengths. However, each week, I would put on my big girl pants, show up and shine.  Scary?  Yes.  Did it help?  Absolutely!

4. Even after many years, you may still have challenging days. It’s okay to cry. Allow yourself to feel it all. Tomorrow will be a new day. I promise.

5. There is no competition. There is no competition. There is no competition. (Even when it feels that way.) There is only one of you. You are brilliant and perfect as you are. Nobody can compete with you. The more you heal the wounds of lack, self-worth and the “not good enough” talk, the more secure you can be in who you are. We have all struggled with these issues in different points of our lives. Heal those issues.  Then shine brighter.

6. Self-care is essential as an entrepreneur. It is not selfish to book yourself a healing treatment every week if you are caring for others. Repeat after me: I need to be full.  I need to be full.  I need to be full. p.s. this is my *biggest* lesson.

7. Healthy Boundaries are essential. If you feel that you have any issues with boundaries, please find someone to assist you.  Get really clear on what you want to say yes and no to.  Get really clear on your rate.  People will ask you for discounts/exchanges/free work.  People will email, Facebook, text you 24-7 if you let them.  These people are the most beautiful gifts and teachers to you to assist you on getting really clear on how much you value yourself, the balance in your life and the vital energy you need to run a business.  This is not to say to not give when you are guided to, just make sure that you are being compensated in a way that fills you up.  You cannot be upset at someone for stepping over the boundaries that you did not set in the first place.

8. Money.  How are you at receiving money?  Does asking for or receiving money cause you embarrassment or shame?  Money is energy.  It is our current means of exchange.  It is what helps us to feed/clothe/house ourselves and our families.  It flows in and it flows out.  You have chosen to be in business for yourself.  This is your job.  You need to make money.  It is as simple as that.  Heal your money story so that you can be a clear conduit for this energy to enter your life. Also, make sure that you always value other professions and businesses in the same way as you expect to be treated. Honor the service and work people put into what they give to you with gratitude, generous tips, etc, and this shall be returned. 

9. Some people will love you and your work, others will not resonate with you at all.  Don't be attached to either.  Let it all go.  Otherwise, your ego will continuously go through the inflate/deflate cycle.  I know that it is easier said than done, but you will be much more peaceful in your heart if you can remain unattached to all outcomes.  Truly.

10.  Remember to look back to see how far you have come.  Celebrate all successes, celebrate the failures, celebrate *you*.  It takes a lot of courage to be an Entrepreneur.  Your ongoing journey is vitally important.  Don't give up before the miracle occurs.

I am hosting a Business Workshop for Entrepreneurs to bring like-minded people together for a day of healing, restoration and guidance.  My intention for this day is to remind us of the truth of who we are.  We are never alone.  There is a community of people going through the exact same things as you.  We will spend the day, learning, growing and healing with each other.  If you are interested in learning more, you can find out more information under the Events page on my website:

A. xo


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