Dreams Come True 

Asha Frost - Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Look at how far you've come!" This is a phrase that I feel so lucky to speak to the patients that come into my space. Transformation and growth are always at our fingertips when we go deeper within to discover our truth. I feel so blessed to witness people stepping fully into their power, light and divinity. I truly could not ask for anything more. It is my intention to attract patients to my practice who know that they are responsible for their own healing and that I am simply a guide, a facilitator to help. Ultimately, once they leave my space, they have to do their own work out there in the world. If we all took responsibility for our own healing, thoughts, words and actions, I believe that this world would be a much different place.

Honouring how far we have come on our journey is a beautiful way to send love to yourself. Like an energetic pat on the back. It only takes a couple of moments to reflect on your past. Perhaps you have come to a true place of forgiveness with a past relationship, or maybe it is an old belief system that has shifted into a healed place. In your life situation, what has changed for the better? What have you manifested in your life that you remember you always wanted? Acknowledging what was, can help us to honour and be grateful for what is our present creation. This can also bring awareness to how powerful our thoughts and words can truly be in creating our future.

I remember when I was just out of Homeopathic School and in the midst of starting my practice. Since I had gone from graduating from University and then jumping into Homeopathic College, my financial situation was pretty dire. A friend of mine had a healing practice and we went shopping one day. She was buying all of these beautiful clothes - and if you knew me well, shopping, for clothes (or shoes...or home decor) makes me very happy. I could not afford to buy anything and she said to me "Asha, one day, your practice will be successful and you will be able to buy lovely things." I remember that day clearly, because I could not fathom how I would ever be able to buy new clothing ever again. I know that sounds dramatic, but I was so broke Mastercard wouldn't even increase my limit!

This same friend, had this stunning office with hundreds, or so it seemed at the time, of Homeopathic Books. Her remedies were plentiful and she had all of these gorgeous crystals around her office. I was always in awe when I went to her place and dreamed to manifest this for myself. It wasn't like I wanted a new Ferarri, we were talking books and crystals, but at the time, this seemed like a dream come true.

Well, dreams do come true, because today, I see that I have created the most fulfilling work for myself that supports me spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. I am the luckiest girl in the world! As I look back, I have come a long way in 7 years.

I encourage you to see how far you have come in all areas of your life. Honour yourself and all of your growth. See the magic in all of the experiences in your life, no matter how dark they seemed at the time. Send gratitude to all of the people who you have learned your deepest lessons from. And most importantly send love to yourself for continuing to be the courageous, inspired, brilliant being that you are. It is time.

In honour of where I have come in my practice and the energy to come, I am offering some new healing opportunities. For the past 4 years, I have been running weekly healing circles and I am changing it up for the Fall. People have been asking for more formalized, deeper teachings from the Native/Shamanic Tradition for a couple of years now and I have finally come up with something that resonates with my heart.

1. "Dreaming Your Sacred Self into Being"

It is my belief that we all have beautiful medicines to share with the world. We were born with many gifts, each person perfectly unique. The intention of these classes are to awaken your medicines through ceremony, teachings and healing. Class size is small to ensure more one-on-one time for healing and mentoring. The focus will be on self-healing and is perfect for those who wish to go deeper into self-awareness. Traditional Native Healing will be used in each class and participants will be using their own healing medicines in circle.

Dates and Times: Starting the week of September 12th, for 4 weeks

Mondays from 1-2:30 pm (Maximum 5 people per class) OR

Wednesdays from 10-11:30 am (Maximum 5 people per class)

*If you can only do evening, please let me know and I will consider an evening class.

Location: 178 Matthew Boyd Crescent, Newmarket

Cost: 125.00 + HST

2. "Spirit of the Elements" - Healing Circles and Meditation from 7-8 pm

Earth/Grounding and Peace - Monday, September 12th

Fire/Transformation and Magic - Monday, September 19th

Water/Purification and Sacredness- Monday, September 26th

Air/Flow and Change - Monday, October 3rd

Location: Mahalo Naturopathic Centre - 19938 Yonge Street, Holland Landing

Cost: 25.00/class or all 4 for 80.00

I look forward to sharing in healing with you all...

And as always, I continue to offer Homeopathic Consultations and One on One Shamanic Healings for more personalized work. Please contact to sign up or for more information.

A. xo


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