Eagle - The Vision Quest 

Asha Frost - Monday, February 01, 2016



Eagle Medicine (Migizi), an animal presence of higher vision, majesty, flight and expansion.  It is said that the Eagle was the favourite bird of Creator and since it soared so high in the heavens it had a direct connection to Great Spirit.  The Eagle takes our intentions and prayers up to Creator for us and when we use its feather in ceremony, we honour this connection.

My father gifted me with my feather on my wedding day and it has been with me in ceremony ever since.  My feather provides me with a direct connection to spirit and every time I hold it in my hand I am instantly reminded about who I am.

This past summer, I embarked on a Vision Quest.  A Sacred Pipe had made its way to me and in our teachings, in order to earn this pipe, you must fast and spend time connecting to yourself and to the Earth.  It was a rainy night when I left around 4 am.  I knew that I would encounter mosquitos and other bugs in my time there so I was grateful for the rain.

I fasted, I got really thirsty, I contemplated licking the rain off of the leaves when the sun came out and created an extremely hot experience.  And then they came.  The Eagles came.  Two of them, circling right over head.  They were talking to me, in their Eagle way, and they were so close that I thought they might come down and land on my head.  They arrived as messengers from Creator reminding me to walk a good path.  They were a true gift and manifested right before my eyes to remind me that they are always with me, whether in spirit or in their real life presence.

This experience reminded me of my divine connection to all life.  I had been working with the Medicines of the Eagle for many years now and when they appeared to me, it was a true confirmation of my path.  I feel that Eagle helped me to give myself permission to soar even faster, expand more, fly higher, step into the majestic spirit that I am.  This is what Eagle does.

Eagle Medicine joins me on this Sacred Medicine Journey that I created. To bring forward all of this healing.  The wings that carry me, extend to you.  The vision, the power, the flight.  The time is now. A. xo

To hear a sample, click below:

Full Journey is here:

Wishing you an expanded life filled with your prayers lifted by Eagle Wings. xo



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