Asha Frost - Sunday, May 20, 2012

Since my last post, precious baby Kai finally decided to come to his mama. Yup.  Kai truly came on his own time.  And he really did wait until the last possible moment. Despite all of the doubting, pitocin-loving doctors and nurses, he came all on his own.  My last post was about patience, and this wee miracle continues to teach me about this, in so many ways.

As any new mom will tell you, it has been quite a journey.  I truly honour every beautiful mother's birth story as you can never understand the depth of sacredness that the experience of birthing a child brings to you, until you do it yourself. I am still too close to the whole experience to share my birth story but know that one day it will be part of my healing to do so. 

The part I will share is that during labor, I separated my pelvis.  Who knew this could even happen?  Not me.  I have heard my share of birth "horror stories" and for some reason, I had not heard of this before.  Not that hearing about it would have made it any easier.  It has been excruciating. 

The doctors say it takes 6-8 weeks to heal and that it will heal with time.  Three weeks in, I can say that this is true.  I am finally starting to get around a little easier and each step is a huge accomplishment.  I will never, ever take stepping into the shower for granted again.  I will never, ever take getting in and out of bed or getting to the bathroom, or soon, walking to pick up my baby boy for granted again.  I am so grateful for my body's innate ability to heal this as I trust it is doing, every second of every day.

But the intention of this post is not about the pain.  It is about gratitude.  Gratitude for the people that surround me and the abundance of love and support that has been unconditionally sent my way.

For the beautiful souls that made me juices and smoothies, lasagnas, salads, sushi and muffins so that I could be nourished and my body could be at it's optimal state to heal, I thank you.

For the beautiful, incredible healers and dear friends who have made home visits and offered distance healing and messages of light and love, I thank you.

For the people who sent flowers, gifts or phoned and texted to see how I was doing, I thank you.

For the pep talks from other beautiful mamas through messages and blog posts, I thank you.

For my incredible friends and friends of friends, sister and cousin who pumped breastmilk for me when my body was in a state of trauma, I thank you.

For the amazing, caring, sensitive breastfeeding support, I thank you.

To my mother and mother-in-law, who selflessly offered up their whole beings to continuously clean my home, cook for me and basically take care of every need, I thank you.

To my father-in-law who changed Kai's diaper when his mommy couldn't get up to do it herself, I thank you.  I also greatly appreciate all of the outside work and cleanup you did for us.

To the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for - thank you for answering my (often) hysterical phone calls.  I love you with more love than my heart can hold.

And to my husband.  My generous, kind, amazing husband.  I never knew what unconditional love truly was until Kai was born.  You have stepped up into the daddy that I always knew you would be.  You have taken care of me and our child in more ways than I could have ever known was possible.  I look forward to you teaching me all of your little tricks about how you change diapers and clothing so darn fast.  I love you.

With all of my heart.  Friends and family...I am so grateful.  True abundance has been showered upon me and my family.  I feel like the luckiest woman in the universe.  May you all be blessed with a million fold of blessings for all that you have gifted to me. 

With love, always,

Asha xo


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