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Asha Frost - Sunday, March 30, 2014



Juicing, Smoothies, Cleanses, Raw Food, Blood Type Diet, Gluten/Wheat/Dairy Free...


Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists...


Spiritual Healers, Shamans, Psychics, Reiki Masters, Chakra Healing, Energy Therapy, Yoga...


Yes, I have done all of this and much more to try and heal my body.  You name it, I've tried it.


Am I cured?  No.  Am I healed?  I would like to think that I am slowly getting there.  After almost 20 years of trying all of these different diets, therapies and practitioners, there is clarity around what has worked for me to heal my life and my body.


Lately, I have felt inspired to share these things in hopes of inspiring others who are struggling with autoimmune conditions.  I truly believe that we are all on our own individual journeys and I truly believe that all healing is possible.  However, what might work for me, may not work for you and vice versa and that is okay.  So, I share with love and with compassion for your individual journey. my journey.  A journey of hope, of trust and immense self-discovery.  Every day I remind myself that I am doing my best.  Every day I remind myself that I am learning and growing in ways that may not be tangible just yet...


With each new blog post, I am going to share something that has truly helped me to heal and with this, I hope to inspire healing for others.  The perspective of my posts are going to be of my personal account of the experiences.  If you are looking for the science behind it all, you won't find it here.  There are many other articles you can read for that.


This post may make people squeamish or turn people off yet I can honestly attribute it to saving my life.  This post is about Colon Hydrotherapy.


When I was 20, my first Naturopath advised me to try colonics to improve my health.  Back then I would ask my doctor to okay everything, not knowing that MD's were not always supportive of alternative health practices.  So, of course, my doctor said that they were dangerous and advised me against it.  When I went back to my Naturopath, she asked me: "Well, has she tried it?" and when I said Naturopath said: "Then how does she *know*?".  That rationale was good enough for me, so off I went to find a Colon Hydrotherapist.


My first experience was amazing!  Of course it took me more than one treatment to truly gain the benefits and 16 years (and many treatments) later, this therapy is a must in my life.  Here are the details from my experiences:



Who does it: A trained Colon Therapist.  Sometimes with a nursing and other holistic therapy backgrounds.  In my experience, they are always discreet, professional, kind and have a great sense of humor.


How long does it take, what does it cost?: Approximately one hour and anywhere from $75.00 - $100.00.  In my opinion, worth every penny.


Why it helps me: From my earliest memories I remember having digestive issues.  Years of accumulated waste and toxins contributed to my ill health.  Once I realized this and paid closer attention to my bowel habits, my health changed drastically.  Colonics have helped me with this.  By seeing what comes out, I am more conscious of what is going into my body.  During times of stress or flare ups, my colon is the first thing that is affected.  Colon Hydrotherapy is how I keep on top of things.


The nitty gritty details:  Some describe it as a glorified enema.  A warm bath for your colon.  Yes.  There is an insertion of a speculum into the rectum, but it takes a second and then it is over. There is no smell.


Yes, you may choose to look and see what is coming out (my favourite part!) and yes, you *will* be amazed that all of that was inside of you.  My tummy is fairly flat and I cannot believe what continues to be cleansed out.  Bloated?  Beer Belly?  Tummy troubles?  Try it and see.  Ah...mazing.


At times, you can experience some discomfort, a bit of cramping or other sensations, but in my opinion, it is all worth it.


After your session, make sure you stay on the toilet for a bit to make sure all of the water is expelled.  You don't want to be caught driving around trying to find the nearest toilet.  Trust me.  It has been known to happen. :)


Also, please load up on your probiotics after!  Very important!


How you will feel after:  Like you are walking on air.


Where I go:  This lovely lady takes care of all of my colon needs: Kim Peace at  


If you suffer from an autoimmune condition with a history of digestive issues, colon hydrotherapy could be part of your healing process.  Personally, I feel that in this day and age, this therapy can be helpful to all people, but that is a subject for a different post.  As with everything, do your research, trust your gut and open your mind.  If you want a change for your health, this could be part of your answer.  It was for me.  And I am eternally grateful.  A. xo










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