Homeopathy - A Love Story 

Asha Frost - Saturday, October 05, 2013

Homeopathy.  Beautiful, brilliant homeopathy.  It is a medicine that I have seen heal the deepest sufferings in the lives of my patients.  It is a medicine that I am blessed to have for healing my family.  And of course, it is the medicine that continues to transform my heart, my essence, my life.


My introduction to Homeopathy came at the age of 20.  I was very, very sick at the time and one of my best friends at the time had told her mom of my suffering.  She recommended this amazing Naturopath, who was quite skilled in Homeopathy.  Over the next 3 years or so, she prescribed me homeopathic remedies that changed my life.  After that, I was hooked.  I learned that these magical little pills could shift and transmute the greatest sufferings!


Tonight, I am feeling so much gratitude to these beautiful medicines (and to that friend and her mom!)  The last couple of months have been difficult.  I have been through more downs than ups, my health in this place of struggle again, with days of sadness and pain. 


So, I had to take a huge step back and re-evaluate my life.  What are the most important things to me?  What truly matters?  It is my divine baby, my family and friends, the work I love and the beautiful people who come into my life and teach me more than I could ever dream of. Some boundaries needed to be set for myself and some breathing needed to be done and then, a remedy needed to be taken.  A glorious, magical, divine, homeopathic remedy.  It has saved me, time and time again.  It works with the deepest part of my soul to answer the callings of what needs to be expressed.  It never fails me.  It is a friend, a love, an infinite vibration.  In my heart, it is pure grace.


So today, I will share the Top 10 Reasons why I love Homeopathy and how it has radically changed my life.


1.  Healing the physical pain: 

I see this every day in my practice.  Yet, when it happens in my own body, I think it is a miracle!  Searing joint pain, tender muscle and tendons, bones feeling like they are broken - all healed by homeopathy.  Hair loss, massive skin infections and rashes (gross, I know), nose and mouth ulcers - all healed by homeopathy, pericarditis, pleuritis (major heart and lung pain) - all healed by homeopathy.  There are so many other examples.  But you get my point.  Homeopathy *can* and *does* heal these things.  I know.  I have seen it in my own body. 



2.  Helping me with the fear of death:

So, having a chronic autoimmune disease can be sort of scary.  If I am being completely honest with you, there have been many times I have been afraid of dying, and there have have also been  many other times when death felt like a better option than living in my body.  Homeopathy has helped me realize that I have a purpose here, to shine, to live, to love....I am here to stay.


3.  Connecting me to my authentic self:

Every time I go to see my homeopath, it is a healing within itself.  Simply talking and expressing my truest, most vulnerable thoughts and emotions is deeply healing.  It reminds me that there is so much more going on in my life than I am acknowledging and in those moments, simply expressing it, is deeply healing.  And every time I take a new remedy.  A new part is re-born, connected to and dreamed into being.  It is a truly beautiful process.


4.  Pregnancy and Birth:

Although I had a very painful birth experience, I truly don't believe that I could have gotten through it without the help of homeopathy.  Homeopathy got me through the deepest post partum period, healed my body from the birth trauma and helped me to transmute some of the most deeply healing moments of my lifetime. On a purely physical level, it healed my tissues, helped with bruising and bleeding and helped to dilate my cervix to prevent an induction.


5.  Remembering the inherent vitality within us:

A few weeks ago, I was in a rough spot.  Taking Advil for pain, not being able to walk and feeling so discouraged.  After a remedy was prescribed to both me and my son, the light turned on again.  In 3 days, I could walk again, with no medication.  My son began to sleep.  And I was reminded, again, that we have these incredible strong, vibrant systems that simply need a reminder about how to be well.  Here I thought I was regressing, but I just simply needed this little tune up and all is well again. We are *so* strong and powerful.  Homeopathy simply reminds us of this.


6.  Dreaming/Visionary Medicine:

When I was younger, I would dream of tornadoes.  Lots and lots of tornadoes.  These dreams were anxiety ridden and filled with fearful images, most likely reflecting the state of anxiety I was in at the time. This was a constant recurring dream that I expressed in my first homeopathic consultation.  After my first remedy there were no more tornadoes and a peace and calm came over my whole being.  For the homeopath, dreams are a golden link to what needs to be healed.  Homeopathy has helped me to be more aware of what is going on in my dream time and what this could mean for my life.  Remedies have helped me to connect to my soul, my intuition, and ultimately, my soul's path.  Awesome.


7.  A Natural First Aid Kit:

Homeopathy *rocks* for so many acute and chronic conditions.  In my daily life I have used it to help with fevers, ear aches, teething, asthma, bronchitis, bug bites, diarrhea, vomiting, bumps and bruises, bleeding and so much more!  I am grateful to have the knowledge to treat these ailments with a beautifully natural medicine that has no side effects.


8.  Deep, deep (going into my darkness kinda deep), healing:

Yes, you can go see a homeopath and not have to "go there", but for me, I've never seemed to have that choice.  Homeopathy gently pushes everything up and out.  Sometimes the stuff lingering in my mind, heart and body is dark, crappy and ugly.  And it's not always fun to drudge that up.  Yet, when it surfaces, and I truly feel all of it.  I can then, let it go.  Whether it exits through a good cry, a good talk with a friend, dreaming it out at night or through my body, it gets expressed.  And that, is a good thing.  It has helped me to let go of things that were simply not for my highest good.  Yup.  Homeopathy can do this.  With every remedy prescribed, I am more free.


9.  Grounding, authentic connection:

Before homeopathy, I had spent much of my life living outside of my body.  It was just too darn painful to be in it.  When I welcomed homeopathy into my life, there was a gentle voice that called me back, called me back home, reminding me that it was safe to be here, on this earth, in my body.  That even as this sensitive being, I could be here, live here, and be okay.  And in this, it encouraged me to speak my truth, to be in my light and to shine the rainbow aura that surrounds me.  And so I have.  And so it is.  Connecting to our most authentic truth, is something that homeopathy can do for us if we open our hearts.  All we need to do is trust.


10.  Living with Lupus:

Although I would love to say that I am fully and completely healed, I still have a way to go.  And that is okay.  For there is so much more to learn.  Homeopathy has taught me to love myself, to be more gentle with myself, to let go, to forgive, to trust, to honour, to be.  Homeopathy has supported me through the darkest times and then has brought illumination to the forefront.  It has been a brilliant ally with me on this journey and I am forever grateful. 


In my heart I see and feel a grand vision of healing.  A Rainbow Dancer sparkling bright, illuminating the vibration of a strong vital force and a heart full of brilliance.  Homeopathy is part of this divine destiny.  It always has been.  The reminder, the force, the beauty, the light.


It is my friend.  It is a gift.


And I am grateful.



A. xo





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