Asha Frost - Sunday, May 15, 2016


Sometimes I find that we can forget just how far we have come. We get so immersed in manifesting our future dreams we forget to honour how much we've healed, transmuted and shifted. Part of my healing journey now includes a deep honouring of this. A ceremony around all that I have learned on this beautiful journey called life.

I put some tobacco down upon the Earth and thank Creator for all of my lessons and thank my past self who was brave enough to keep going through all of the painful parts.

My journey as Healer and Intuitive Entrepreneur has been one of the biggest souls stretching, heart opening, wisdom imparting journeys of my life. It has only been 12 years and will extend until the day I move into the spirit world.

If I knew then what I know now. This is what I would have told my 27 year old self.

1. When your practice gets slow, please just rest. Read books, go for walks in the forest, tea with friends. Just breathe. It will get busy again. The universe is gifting you with a break. Take it.

2. Please do not say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. You will burn out. Use your discernment. Trust your gut. For every “no” you give, there will be an opportunity that will be much more aligned with your soul’s path. Trust.

3. You are worthy of being paid. Money is a beautiful energetic exchange. You will need money to take care of you, to fill your cup, so that you can continue sharing your gift and your light.

4. Create your schedule around what feels good for you. 12 hour days are not nourishing for your spirit or your body. People will adjust their schedule to yours and be available when you are.

5. You will need more self-care than you ever thought you would. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. Cup overflowing = balanced healer.

6. Your business will be one of your biggest teachers. Every day you will have an opportunity to go within, to look at your deepest wounds, to learn how to accept and love yourself more. Some days the path will feel lonely. And then one day, you realize that you are a trailblazer, lighting a new way, and your faith will be restored.

7. You will have a beautiful child. He will realign your priorities. When he is sick, he will teach you that it’s okay to cancel something when you need to. When he goes to daycare, your heart will ache, yet you will realize that your soul is fulfilled being a mama *and* a healer. And that is okay.

8. You will yearn for a mentor.  Someone to share with when you feel like quitting, someone to share your journey with, someone who understands this healer life with. And you will find some teachers who teach you more much than what you were searching for. And then, one day, you will realize, that the person you were looking for, was you.

9. Your path will effortlessly open up as you practice surrendering. All you need to do is to meet the call of your soul. The nudges, the guidance, the signs. They are all there. Quiet your mind, trust in your heart, and take the leap. Whether you fly or you fall, you will grow.

10. Your clients will be beautiful mirrors for your healing. Sometimes you feel like you just cannot do this work anymore, it is too painful. You will make it through. Even when it feels like your heart might break, it is your path.

And most of all....
One day, you will step up as a mentor, to provide others what you have been searching for. And you will remind those beautiful souls that the power is within them. Their wisdom, their innate knowing, their brilliant medicines are needed upon this earth and you will help them to step further into their remembering.

You will provide a sacred space for them to shine, and your heart will burst with joy. Just wait. Just wait and see. It is coming, beautiful soul.

With love,






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