Asha Frost - Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It has been said that there are Seven teachings the Grandfathers have given the Anishinaabe people. Love, Wisdom, Respect, Courage, Respect, Humility and Truth. In my humble opinion, I believe that all peoples across this earth, not just the Anishinaabe people, strive to walk these teachings in their own way or interpretation.

As an Ojibway woman, my mother did speak of these teachings as I grew up. She would tell me that the origin of the word Anishinaabe meant the "good" being. That we should walk the road that Creator gifted to us. This road, she would say, is always supported and guided by ancestors, spirit and our dreams. As I matured, I realized that the "good being" wasn't a judgement about good and bad, it was truly a reflection of walking the Grandfather Teachings as much as we can.


We do this as much as we can as we are perfect in our imperfection. We are spiritual beings having a human experience of learning and growth. I love Doreen Virtue's line about mistakes - "Mistakes require correction, not punishment". Gentleness and forgiveness for self is a vital part of coming into right relation with our spirit and soul's purpose. We do our best. And as a wise friend has reminded me, our best differs from day to day.


This all hit me today as I reflected on the teaching of Love. A very special friend bought me a Spa Day for my Birthday. She had carefully and lovingly chosen a Rose Massage for me as well as a treatment with her. 2 hours, just for me. A heavenly gift.


As I walked into the room for the massage today, it smelled divine. The scent of roses was in the room with the pure, loving vibration of the oil pulsating through the air. As I laid myself down, I felt tears spring into my eyes. There was so much love that surrounded me in this moment. This expression of love, as a gift, the self-love it took to receive and the vibration of love that was moving through every cell of my body.

It was too much.


I know this may sound ridiculous, but it was in this moment and I felt so sad for myself. I have been spending so much time nurturing others that I have completely disconnected to what it feels like to truly just receive. Just lie there, on a table and have someone give to me. I had no idea how to do it "right". I felt like a 4 year old trying to ride a bike. How do I do this again? How do I just be, completely in this moment and just receive all of the goodness that I deserve?


Every day I have this issue mirrored to me. My beautiful clients that give too much, don't take time for themselves, push themselves into exhaustion. And well, here I was, smelling like a rose and processing all of healing that I have been oblvious to until this very moment. Oh, come on - haven't I dealt with this already? I thought. Same lesson, deeper layer, spirit whispered back.


The spirit of Deer leapt forward tonight in my reflections of my day. I have walked with Deer for many years and know that when she shows herself, there has been a shift in my awareness. Tonight, she reminds me to nurture my spirit, to love my body, to honour my heart's song, intuition and sensitivity. I ask for her medicine to flow through me. To forgive myself. To soften all of the harsh judgments that are not my truth. And she shows up. She always does.


Tonight, I sit here, full of gratitude for the amazing lessons that my beautiful friend gifted me with. The gift was so much deeper. It meant so much more than a day at the spa. I am so blessed.


And before I go to sleep, I thank all of the ancestors that guide my way, the dreams that teach me, the guides that protect and honour me. For they are teaching me to honour myself.


A. xo


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