My Voice. 

Asha Frost - Thursday, March 10, 2016

My voice.

Years ago, I spoke my truth to someone I cared about deeply. A mentor, a teacher.

It was unheard, unacknowledged.

Or so I felt.

And I felt it, so very deeply. Here I was sharing my heart and soul, my deepest thoughts, my deepest healing. And, it seemed to go out into the universe, swirling around, nobody hearing me, nobody caring, nobody listening. My voice seemed to be small, not important and therefore, I was not important.

Or so I thought.

From this experience, I learned that the healing lies in simply sharing my voice and speaking my truth. No matter what the outcome is.  The outcome. The response that I had waited for and agonized over did not matter. The external validation of my own truth does not validate my own sacred voice. Someone else cannot validate me. Only I can do that. Honouring and loving myself enough to share all that has been stored in my heart.


“Would rather die than stand up for oneself.” says Louise Hay.

I am healing this.

I now choose life. I now choose truth. I now choose my sacred voice.

Recently, I had a healing opportunity to share my voice, my heart, my soul, with someone I care deeply about. A mentor, a teacher. And I was heard. And I was felt. And I was honoured.

I deeply thank the person who did not acknowledge my heart, as it taught me to look within and acknowledge myself.

I deeply thank the person who did acknowledge my heart as it showed me how far I have come.

My voice is strong. My truth is powerful. I will no longer sacrifice my voice. I am a woman claiming my voice.

And so it is.

A. xo



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