Healer Burnout 101
Healing the cycle of burnout through listening to the sacred signs of the body.
A Guiding Light
My journey as a facilitator and guide. Becoming more visible.
Growth of a Business Owner
Teachings and Learnings of being an Entrepreneur in the healing industry.
Quiet and Solitude
Bear Medicine, our Dreams and the gift of Quiet Solitude
A Clean Bill of Health - Healing Lupus
When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness, do you trust the medical system or your own knowing?
Rainbow Healing Medicine
Stepping into my Spirit Name
Healing Lupus...with Compassion
Using deep compassion to heal a chronic illness
Healing Lupus - My Journey
How Colon Hydrotherapy has helped me to heal myself
Moving and healing through life changes
Homeopathy - A Love Story
How homeopathy has helped me to heal myself from Lupus, naturally

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Honouring the wisdom of the past, as a healer and entrepreneur.
Ocean Love
Life lessons from a trip to the ocean.
My voice.
Sharing my truth and healing my body.

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