Quiet and Solitude 

Asha Frost - Friday, January 02, 2015

The other day I was speaking to one of my very best friends and I spoke about how I always feel very contemplative and quiet at the time of year.  How it is often challenging for me to get into that "Manifest Your New Year Dream" place in the time of cold, dark and quiet.  I truly feel like Bear Medicine has taken over and my soul yearns to hibernate.  She tells me: "I have heard you say this often, you need space to be quiet after being open and out there".  Hmmm.  Yes.  I do say this often.  She must have a little laugh at me as I express this time after time and try to push past what my inner wisdom is guiding me to do.  Rest.  Listen.  Hibernate.  Be.

Such a challenge in a world of "creation" and constant "manifestation".  All very important. All beautiful and necessary.  But can we be in a constant state of "on" and "out there"?  I know that I cannot.  Perhaps it is the part of my natural state that craves the inner world.  Perhaps it is my soul wanting to follow the natural flow of the season.  Perhaps it truly is Bear Medicine, one of my main guides and animal totems, calling out to me to rest and restore.  All I know is that I need to take this time and listen to my heart and its callings to cover up in a cozy blanket and rest.  That this choice is just as productive as creating.  This choice is just as necessary for growth. 

Sometimes we just need to renew and follow the cycle of expansion and contraction.  *All* of the dreaming is beautiful.  Whether we are doing it wide awake or during nap time.  For now, I am dreaming in quiet contemplation, for spirit is speaking to me, guiding me with new teachings and immense wisdom before I move forward again and expand.  Perfect timing since my new website is to be launched any day now.  So, I ask my beautiful Bear Totem to protect my Sacred Space and take me into deeper levels of knowing myself for very soon, those parts will be shared with the world.

May your manifestations be all that you have dreamed of, in the time of rest and the time of action.

Happy 2015!

A. xo




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