Rainbow Healing Medicine 

Asha Frost - Friday, October 10, 2014


A few years ago, I was given the spirit name: Nenaandawi Waagikaagan Kwe, Healing Rainbow Woman.  It was a beautiful ceremony, with my grandparents and family, on my home territory,

(Neyaashinigming), complete with a beautiful hawk witnessing the ceremony.


My grandfather called the name down from the ancestors.  It felt like a dream.  I did not feel worthy of that name.


But I was.  As everyone is.  Worthy of stepping into the truest nature of all that they are.  Worthy of their soul signature.  A reflection of their beauty and light.


But it took me a while to get comfortable with it.  Traditionally, we never boasted, we were humble, we never called ourselves Medicine Woman, Shaman, Elder...anything of the sort.  And there are many that still follow these practices and beliefs.  And I honour them deeply.  I hear their words and try to follow their values and traditions, for they are my deepest teachers.


And I have gotten many judgements along the way.  "You are too young!"  "You are not wise enough to know this healing work!" "What sort of medicine do you practice anyways?  What is this homeopathy?  It is not traditional medicine."  And these comments have sunk in, because that is what they tend to do.  So, I hid a bit.  I hid my Rainbow Light because I felt that perhaps I wasn't old enough, wise enough, experienced enough.  That I could not possibly share my wisdom to its fullest extent because I have not lived a full life of an elder. 


And then one day I realized that if I didn't step into the fullness of my soul's expression, that I would get sicker.  I would never heal myself.  And that was too large of a sacrifice to make.  So I stepped out into my name, Healing Rainbow Woman. 


To me a Rainbow isn't complete without the water droplets that reflects the light.  Water is cleansing, purifying, magical, mystical.  It makes me think of tears that run down our faces as we sob, clearing out our deepest wounds or that feeling when our hearts are so full that tears pour out of our eyes, celebrating our most magnificent joy.  Water and light creating colour and beauty.  Reflection and Refraction.  The beauty of a Rainbow.  And this is my name.  And I am claiming it.


My new website is in the works and will fully reflect the full dimension of all of who I am.  All of the colours, all of the facets, all of the light.  I am ready. 


In full celebration my name, I have been creating ceremonies with the energy of the rainbow and all that it reflects to me.  My new classes will reflect this energy and I welcome you to join me if your heart calls you for I truly believe that it is time for us all to step into our fullness of who we are.  Please join us if your heart calls you.  A. xo


Here is the link for the classes on Facebook:



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