Reflections of Hope 

Asha Frost - Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tonight I am hopeful. As I close my eyes I see beautiful rainbow arches lining my destiny path. I am standing at the entrance, hesitant to take a step.

I am entering Week Three of my time off. It has been quite the journey. I thought I'd be better at this. I laugh at myself as I realize that I have been trying to be "perfect" at resting. The learning continues and I am grateful. My body is so precious. It speaks very loudly and I am finally listening. With each step I take to honour it, it rewards me with a reduction in pain. Brilliant.

Tonight I received a burst of hope from my Naturopath. She is also an incredible Homeopath and I have much respect for her, often sitting in awe of all of the wisdom she carries. She has come up with a new remedy for me. And when I find out what it is, I feel this amazing resonance with the medicine. I just *know* that this is going to shift this pain. I can literally feel it in my aching bones and joints. I am hopeful again.

Hope. My name means Hope.

A wise elder wrote me a special e-mail this week. She spoke about how my name was not given to me so that I could give away all of my Hope to others, but rather it was representative of who I am, simply by being. That when I was born, it was the Spirit of Hope that reflected from my essence and thus, the name Asha was given.

"Hope was your identity the moment you were born and had nothing to do with your ability to heal others - except for your mother, who received healing the moment they put you in my arms." My beautiful mother is the wisest elder I know.

Somewhere between my birth and adulthood, there was a misunderstanding. I have lived my life giving away pieces of myself and now I call those pieces back. Slowly, they come back to me, one spectrum of light at a time.

My mother wisely pointed out that on the day of my naming, I received a new identity and a new start. On that day, I was re-born.

Nodwe Wahkahghano Kwe Ndishnikaaz - My name is Healing Rainbow Woman.

This new name reminds me to call back all of my light, colour and vibrancy to myself. That the primary focus on this lifetime is to heal myself, because, ultimately, as I heal, the rainbow glows brighter.

Tonight, I continue to move through the transition of Hope to the manifestation of Rainbow Light. I trust that the homeopathic remedy that I will take will unfold the next part of my healing journey. Who knows what this will be, but the eternal optimist in me believes that the physical pain will shift.

And so I jump headfirst into those Rainbow Arches lining my path and they shift into hoops of magnificent coloured light. My beautiful ancestors hold sacred space on this Rainbow Road and I pray to them:

Grandmothers and Grandfathers, please help me, I cannot take this pain anymore, it's too much.

And they answer:

"You are a healer of your own life. This is your only responsibility."

And my light shines brighter.

A. xo


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