Spiders and Creation 

Asha Frost - Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I have a strong affinity and love for the animal spirit realm. In my work, these precious beings come to visit through healings and ceremony to help me facilitate for my clients and groups. Animals, in real and spirit form will often appear to me in my daily life with messages. Lately, I have been blessed with a large amount of Spider Medicine.


Back in June, in one of my healing circles, my mother delivered a message to me where a Grandmother Spider Woman came up to me and starting weaving a web of protection around me. I thought this was pretty cool and placed it in my awareness for things to come.


A couple of weeks later, I was in a healing treatment with a woman and when she placed a blanket on top of me, to my surprise, there was a spider nest with hundreds of baby spider scattering about. Don't get me wrong, I love all animals but this was a bit much. Had I had clothes on under that blanket, I would have run screaming. Yet Spider Medicine had come again and it would be weeks later, through a reading and water ceremony filled with Spider Woman energy, that I would finally start to understand how the essence of creation was speaking to me through this animal.


Grandmother Spider is at the heart of many creation stories. She is the weaver of life. This is how her medicine has come to me. It comes to help us understand how we are weaving our paths. In weaving this path, we must acknowledge the lessons that Creator gifts to us through people, difficult situations and challenges so that we may learn, grow and continue to dream our world into being. A brilliant, crystalline web of creation is spun out of moving through our dark times. It is truly magical.


I have been contemplating the energy of creation lately. This is quite the contrast to the few months in the spring where all I could see and feel was the darkness and dense energy of my physical body. It's amazing how we are masters at transmutation. Things need to die and fall away in order for new, beautiful energy to come in. I've always known this, however, trusting this, in the midst of body pain was challenging.


In reflecting on the energy of creation, I remember a specific time in my life, my very first day of Grade 9. This day was an exciting day. A brand new chapter dressed in a polyester maroon uniform (a colour, I will never, ever, wear again). I don't remember too much about the actual school day, but when I got off the bus (with my kilt 2 inches higher than when I had left that morning), the neighbourhood children came running down the road and yelled to me: "Your dad won the lottery, your dad won the lottery!"


I'll give you a little background on "Lucky Lare" (as my friends like to call him). For as long as I can remember, he would say, "I am going to win the lottery". And of course, we never believed him, because well, unless you are one in a million...this just does not happen. However, when I think back, that same summer, our house had been hit by lightning, which perhaps was a bit of a heads up.


Getting back to the story, I walk into the house and my parents tell me this is true. For the next few weeks, I am called "rich girl" (even though you may wish to be called this, it's actually quite mortifying!) Even years later, at Ricki's (an old bar in Newmarket), people would come up to me and ask me if this really happened to my dad. He was a bit of a legend.


Upon thinking about weaving our stories, I am fascinated at how my father used his creation energy to manifest exactly what he wanted. He matched his desires and intentions with that Quick Pick ticket and voila, he is Mr. Money Bags. My father grew up very poor, telling us stories about how he and his 7 siblings would share 1 wooden toy between them all. He left home very early to create his own life, so I can see how money was very important to him. So important, that he believed, with all of his heart, that he would be lucky enough to win money. And he did. He moved through those dark times and weaved a creation story of abundance.


In speaking with him a couple of weeks ago, I found out that he definitely has a golden horseshoe hanging around, because this creation energy has repeated itself in many ways throughout his life. I took some time to ask him how he does this and he replied to me: "With an open heart". Beautiful. And I believe this to be true. My father is a very open hearted man. Kind, gracious, grateful and charming. I can only hope that I have inherited some of these qualities.


He has not lived in Newmarket in over 20 years and people will still ask me about him and how he is doing. I remember driving around with him as a child and many people would wave to him from the sidewalk, like he was a celebrity. Rumor has it, these days his name in the community is the "Native Bob Barker", so his celebrity status really wasn't such a stretch.


An open heart. Trust and a deep belief. Gratitude. Living in Grace. I observe all of this in my father and while it may not be a lesson in "How to Win the Lottery 101", it is a beautiful way to live.


Today, if somebody called me "rich girl", I would smile and nod in agreement. I am so rich, surrounded by endless abundance and blessings. And so I pray:


Grandmother Spider Woman, I see you, I know you, I hear you in my dreams. I am so grateful for the essence of creation that you continue to bring my way. May I always walk in grace, in love and in service. As I continue to weave the tapestry of my beautiful life, may I always stand in gratitude for the light that shimmers from the dark times and know that you are watching over me, guiding me. Meegwetch.

A. xo


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