Tales of a travelling homeopath 

Asha Frost - Friday, June 11, 2010

Peru 2010. What a trip! I have to admit that my travelling experience has been fairly limited. My trips usually include planes, food and treats all wrapped into one package. Peru was going to be different. No all inclusive, no chilling on the beach, no bikinis. This trip was definitely out of my comfort zone but my spirit was calling for change. For transformation. I felt that Peru could definitely hold space for this.


My travelling buddies were quite freaked out about all of the possible health issues that could arise during our travels. Some got vaccinated, others rushed to the health food store to clear the shelves of anti-bacterial/viral/fungal preparations and others just e-mailed me in their hypochondriac states asking me how I was going to "make it through". "Homeopathy, of course!" I would cheerfully reply.


I realized in that moment, just how lucky I was to have the knowledge and wisdom of homeopathy. I also realized how much implicit trust that I have in my body's wisdom to heal itself. I don't need to look outside of myself for this wisdom. It is all within me. And with the help of homeopathy, I trusted that all would be okay. My body would stay healthy and vital and there was no need to panic.


Homeopathy is beautiful. Homeopathy is magical. Homeopathy is gentle. There is an incredible power that those little pellets can carry when one is suffering. The ability to bring one's being back into balance amazes me every single time. My trip to Peru proved this to me time and time again. Travel sickness, diarrhea, fear of flying, injuries, emotional issues, bug bites, altitude sickness. Homeopathy was a true gift as my travel companion.


Here are some of the remedies that I took with me and feel that everyone should have in their homeopathic travel first aid kit:


For the:


"I am so fearful that I might die. The airplane is going to crash. I'm having a panic attack." ACONITUM NAPELLUS


"I fell/broke/scraped/hurt/injured my _____ and now I'm bleeding/sore/bruised/in shock."



"I got stung or bitten by an insect and now it's painful and swollen/I stepped on a nail and there is a puncture wound." LEDUM PALUSTRE


"I got stung by a bee." APIS MELLIFICA


"I was sunbathing all day and now I have sunstroke." GLONOINUM


"Must have been those ice cubes. I cannot get out of the bathroom!" ARSENICUM ALBUM


"I have a headache/stomach ache. Too much partying/food/smoking." NUX VOMICA


"I'm nauseous and dizzy/have a headache from the motion of this boat/car/train. When I move it gets even worse." COCCULUS


Magical. Brilliant. Inexpensive. I truly feel that homeopathy will be a larger part of our future as we re-connect to what is important. The earth, the cycles, our innate healing much waiting to be discovered. It is time to truly awaken. It is time. A. xo









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