The Power of Mentorship 

Asha Frost - Saturday, January 02, 2016

When I was 27 I had just finished Homeopathy school. I was incredibly inspired and excited! After all, who wouldn’t want to have their very own practice! I was ready to facilitate healing for as many people as I possibly could. My heart was open, I felt confident and wise. I was ready.

I networked my little butt off and worked really hard to get my name out in the community. This was before Social Media really took off and much of my networking happened over tea and events. Solid relationships were created, yet at times my path felt lonely.

I had made some really great friends in homeopathy school, yet they gave up their practices within a few years. I had other really beautiful relationships in my life but they weren’t self employed and could not really understand the life of a Spiritual Entrepreneur. There were many evenings spent in tears on the couch ready to give it all up and get a “real job”. Thank goodness for my husband (who is also self employed), we would root for each other and share our struggles together.

However, what I was craving was true Mentorship. Someone who was a few steps ahead of me in what I was creating. Someone who could:

*Help me to heal through my fear and insecurity.

*Share intuitive guidance with me when I was stuck.

*Inspire me to soar to the next level.

*Teach me new ways of knowing.

When I stepped into facilitating more healing work, this desire for Mentorship grew ever bigger. I wanted someone to share this brilliant, beautiful, soul stretching, sometimes terrifying journey with. I needed someone to hold space with me while I was trying to shine brighter, expand and create. I have since found a few teachers, mentors and guides that have assisted me in this way and I am deeply grateful to them.

My incredible 12 year journey of facilitating healing circles, ceremonies, workshops and appointments has led me to this point of now offering Mentorship. The wisdom that has unfolded in this journey has been one of most powerful teachings of my life.

Choosing to be an Entrepreneur has stripped away who I thought I was and aligned me with the truest sense of who I am. Every single day, I am grateful to witness miracles, healing, and a return to love in myself and those around me.

If you are:

A Healer, Dreamer, Coach, or Visionary in the business of heart and transformation…

Drawn to Native Medicine Teachings…

Searching for Higher Level Mentorship to take your dreams to the next level…

I would love to help support you in a deeper, more profound way.

Book a Mentorship Exploration Call here:

All my love,

A. xo


















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