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Homeopathy is a system of medicine that uses natural substances to help the body heal itself. Our bodies are innately wise and vital. Homeopathy works with our innate vitality to bring into balance what is calling out for help. It is based on a principle of “like cures like” and developed in the 18th century by the German Physician Samuel Hahnneman (1755-1843). It is recognized by the WHO as the second largest therapeutic system in the world.

The visit:

Your first visit with me will take approximately 1.5 hours. During this time, I will want to know everything I can about your state of being and reactions to the world. This will involve detailed information about your physical, mental and emotional health. I respect your individual experience and encourage you to be open and honest in order for us to create healing in your life. You can be assured that all that takes place during the consultation will be held in the strictest of confidence.

The healing process:

After the consultation, I will give you a remedy that will initiate healing in your body. As this healing is occurring, you will notice some changes taking place. Due to the gentle nature of homeopathy, the changes may be very subtle. In these cases, improvement will be steady and gradual. In other cases, changes can be more intense and sudden and improvement will be more rapid. You may also experience a period of heightened well being and optimism. All of these responses are significant and indicate that the remedy has touched your vitality and you are on your way to improved health and well being.


Do homeopathic remedies interfere with other medications?

Homeopathic Remedy Bottles

No, homeopathic remedies will not interfere with other forms of treatment and they are safe to take with prescription drugs. You will never be asked to discontinue taking your prescription medications. However, as your health improves with treatment you may feel as though you no longer need the same dosage of your prescription medication. It is at this time that you should discuss this with your family doctor. Never stop taking a prescription medication without doing this first.

What are your specialties?

I love to work with mental emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety as well as autoimmune conditions. Due to my own journey with Lupus, I have seen the amazing results that homeopathic treatment can have for those who are suffering and love to share my wisdom with others who need that help. 

Another area of specialty is with children. I love the truth children bring, their belief in their own healing ability and their brilliant vital response to the medicines that are prescribed.

What are the remedies made of?

The remedies are made of plant, mineral and animal substances, all of which have been gently gathered to create no harm.

Price List

Homeopathy: (remedies included)

Initial Consultation: Adult
$250.00 + HST
Initial Consultation: Child (18 and under)
$150.00 + HST
Follow Ups: Adult
$160.00 + HST
Follow Ups: Child (18 and under)
$80.00 + HST


If you are wanting some in person healing support, please book your appointments now to avoid disappointment, until the end of the year:  www.my-homeopath.com/book-appointment

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