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Do you sometimes feel alone in walking your path as a healer, guide, teacher?

Are you looking for a way to support your path? Guidance around how to step further into who you are and your mission on this earth?

Do you want to expand your gifts and medicines and truly step into putting them out there in a big way?

Are you looking for support around your own healing journey?

Are you willing to dig deep to create and manifest your biggest dreams?

If so, one of these programs/event are for you.

Native Medicine Healing Journeys - Mentorship by Meditation (available for download)

Asha’s journeys are channeled from spirit and provide you with a space to connect with your own powerful knowing and wisdom. Two of her journeys that may accompany you in finding your gifts and medicines are:

Your Sacred Gifts - A Native Medicine healing journey to connect to your innate sacred gifts and medicines. Remember who you truly are, step up and shine your beautiful, bright light! Your innate gifts are powerful. Your medicine is waiting to be remembered. The world is waiting for your beauty.

Owing Your Power - A Native Medicine healing journey to connect to the medicine of your incredible POWER. As you stand fully in your power, you radiate your magnificence and light. You walk in truth and connection with all that is.


Sacred Medicine Mentorship Event (3 days)

Date: To be announced

Are you a dreamer, a seeker, a soulful being? Do you dream of stepping further into the role that you have chosen on this earth?
Perhaps you:
  • are a soulful entrepreneur unsure as to what your direction is, but your soul is calling you to step up and out.
  • are a healer, a teacher, a facilitator and are looking for ways to become more visible and more successful in your art.
  • someone who wants to facilitate healing circles, workshops and retreats and needs some further direction.
  • are looking for a new way and your soul is longing for a deeper connection.
Maybe you are:
  • moving through the challenges of an emotional disorder or physical illness and *know* that you need to share your wisdom or your experience in some way.
  • a sensitive, intuitive being who needs assistance navigating the experience of this earth.
  • simply drawn to Native Medicine Teachings and Ceremony as an approach to healing.
Do you dream of stepping further into who you truly are? Does your soul long to share your gift in a bigger, more expansive way?
Join Asha for a weekend of awakening, wisdom, deep healing, sacred teachings and much more. The earth needs you. Our communities are longing for deeper connection, a safe space to heal and learn. They are waiting for you. Your unique gift is needed as there is nobody on this planet quite like you.
During this intensive weekend we will awaken your sacred medicines and help you to heal through anything that may be holding you back from sharing all that you are. You will leave this weekend with knowledge of sacred ceremonies, a heart filled with courage and a deeper understanding and confidence in how to move into sharing your gift with the world.
This training is not just limited to those in the healing industry and you do not need to have or own a business. All are warmly welcome and no experience is necessary.
It's time to share your gift, increase the abundance in your life and honour all that you are!

Asha has facilitated hundreds of group healing circles, meditation classes, workshops and journeys and wants to assist others in stepping into the call of their soul to facilitate. She is an Ojibway Woman who believes that we heal when we awaken to the beautiful medicine that we carry within.

She facilitates healing in her practice, through the use of Shamanic Healing, Homeopathy and Native Based Ceremony. She helps people connect to the magic of spirit within their lives. Her intention is to help awaken the authentic self, so that we may remember who we truly are.

Throughout the weekend, you will receive lunch, snacks and beverages, a workbook manual, a Medicine Bundle, a Certificate of Training Completion and an abundance of magic, confidence and deep lasting medicine that you can bring forward into your work and life.

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