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Shamanaic Healer Asha Frost


As an Ojibway woman, Asha has always had a connection to the earth – its living beings and the spirit world. In her journey back to optimal health, Asha realized that she must connect to her purpose in this life, to share her gift of medicine. As her practice has grown, so have her healing abilities.

She incorporates these abilities in all of her sessions. She has studied with some brilliant Medicine Women in Peru and the States and has taken Traditional Medicine training. Her intention has always been about healing her own life and has found that doing her own work continues to teach her the most about the miracles of healing. She brings people back to the importance of living in the moment, of knowing thyself and of trusting that indeed, there is a greater power working behind the scenes of our lives.


What You Can Expect in a Session

Asha’s healings are earth based in nature and intuitively guided. She is able to connect to spirit guides, animal totems, medicine people, angels, ancestors and the other beings that surround her clients. Using this information, she tracks the issue at hand, getting down to the root cause of the disturbance and to create a healed outcome for each client.

This helps the clients connect to and remember who they truly are. This journey of remembering their beauty, divinity and truth brings them to the light within. It is in the expansion of this light, that each person is able to connect to the abundance that is available to them in all areas of their lives. This is her heartfelt intention for each person she sees. She strongly believes when we go deep inside to heal our wounds, we come out on the other end in the light, towards the life that we are destined to live.

Asha uses her intuition to determine which Native Medicine ceremonies will assist the client in this healing. This includes a mosaic of medicines, journeying, and intuitive messages with a focus on the essence of rainbow medicine as Asha was gifted with the spirit name, Nenaandawi Waagikakgan Kwe – Healing Rainbow Woman, by her Grandfather.

Asha may use Young Living Oils, light massage and the AmethystBioMat™. With the transformative power of nature's greatest gifts in the pure Young Living Oils, and the soothing, natural healing of the AmethystBioMat's™ high-tech Negative ion and Infrared Ray treatment system, the client can feel rejuvenated, renewed and restored.

Every session is conducted in a safe, loving and gentle manner and in a sacred space. The client is given full attention at all times.


The time of a healing is dependent on your needs. Typically appointments are 1 hour.
$160.00/hour + HST

Please feel free to contact Asha with any questions.


If you are wanting some in person healing support, please book your appointments now to avoid disappointment, until the end of the year:



Asha is a gift. She entered my life at the perfect time and has been everything I need and more to help me heal and find the grace to travel this journey. She is pure, genuine, beautiful, love. Asha provides a safe environment for me to surrender to her beautiful healing medicine. Thank you, Asha. I’m so grateful to know you and to have received your gift.



Healing for Children:

Asha uses her intuition to gently guide each child into a healing that they may choose, including the use of crystals, feathers, guided meditations, animal spirit cards, etc. Asha sees many children who are very sensitive and open and need guidance on how to navigate the energies of the earth.
$125.00/hour + HST


Personal Recorded Healing:

For some people, coming into the office is not always possible. For those people, Asha offers personal recorded healings where she will record the healing that is done in real time and then send it off as a recording. This can be done as a long distance healing or those who want their very own recording to listen to as a personal meditation and journey. Asha will let you know when the healing will be done so that you may choose to be energetically present as she tunes in. People report that these healings are very powerful and resonate deeply to help them shift what they are currently working through.
$65.00 + HST 


Native Medicine Healing Journeys (Meditations available for download):

Asha’s journeys are channeled from spirit and provide you with a space to connect with your own powerful knowing and wisdom.

Asha offers a Healing Rainbow Medicine Journey to connect to the medicine of the Rainbow and the beautiful colours she brings us. Journey includes a divine Chakra healing, cleansing and restoration. Asha’s spirit name is Healing Rainbow Woman and this journey is a true expression of her medicine and gifts, which ultimately will align you with yours. For more detail on this journey and the others offered, please visit Asha's Shop
$7.99 + HST





* Most services are available via Skype.



I recently experienced a personalized distance healing session from my beautiful friend and healer Asha Frost and it was stunningly gorgeous and powerful yet so incredibly infused with love, warmth and visuals, I felt my heart open like never before. Asha has the voice of an angel and her advice is contemplative, wise and authentic. She has the unique ability and gift to connect us all heart to heart and soul to soul. I highly recommend Asha to anyone looking for the most incredible spiritual or natural health healing sessions.

I have been blessed to know Asha for years - her energy is so beautiful, resilient and glowing and she believes deeply in the magnificence of each individual. She cannot help but inspire the energies of all those around her.

Priya Khajuria
Author of Bollywood P.I.



Other Native Medicine Services


House/Space Clearings/Energy Cleansing:

Clearings available for your home or office space upon request.
price dependent on location


Group Healing Circles:

Asha is available to come to your group and offer a healing/meditation circle for whatever your needs may be. You may want a more intimate group setting and Asha is available to come to your home to facilitate a circle with intuitive messages, healing and restoration.
price dependent on location



More Testimonials

I have been seeing Asha for depression, anxiety and PMS. I love Asha, she has been my angel! She is a beautiful healer and is a very caring, loving soul <3. Asha has a very intimate setting that is tranquil and comfortable. I never want to leave!

I love my soul healing sessions and the wonderful remedies. I trust Asha completely with all of my physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Much love and gratitude

Thank you Asha!
I am so grateful that Asha came into my life to help me on my healing journey. During my sessions with her, I am able to open up about painful issues from my past which I have been carrying for so long but needed to be released. Asha listens with compassion and through loving kindness guides you through the pain of what needs to go. We have tried different homeopathic remedies which have helped to shift my body to wellness after many months of stiff joints and pain. Asha is so gifted in her abilities as a shamanic healer and a brilliant doctor of homeopathy. I will continue to see Asha in the coming years for whatever may come up and to receive her Raindrop Techniques Therapy. Receiving one of these ensures a deep relaxation which lasts for days.

Asha is a "gem" and we are so lucky to have her in our community! I will be forever grateful for all that she has done for me.
Jane M.
When I first came to Asha I was suffering from frequent headaches and migraines, constant neck tension, and body pain. I was also seeing a therapist because of depression and anxiety issues. I was desperate for some relief from my physical pain and the constant fear that plagued me. As soon as I began sharing my personal and physical issues with Asha, I felt supported and deeply cared for as a whole person. I was blown away by her genuine compassion and her highly intuitive way of knowing just what I needed, physically and spiritually.

Asha immediately struck me as a woman who is wise beyond her years, yet is entirely humble and unassuming. Despite how weak, vulnerable and needy I felt in those first few visits, she never patronized or looked down on me. This, in itself has been very healing for me: to be treated as an equal by someone who is the helper/expert position.

Through Asha’s Native approach to healing, I began to feel more empowered and started reconnecting to my own inner strength. The remedies and healing sessions helped layers of emotional pain and anxiety begin to lift. I found myself going to my therapist only to report on the amazing progress I had made in my sessions with Asha! My physical pain also started decreasing and I was able to switch my Advil for a homeopathic remedy. Eventually I noticed that I didn’t even need the remedy because my headaches were gone! My migraines continue to decrease, and currently are down to one every other month.

Asha’s healing circles have also been an important part of my healing journey. They have been a place where I can deepen my spiritual growth and find a community of support. Also, her personal recorded healings have been a powerful tool for me to use on my own. I call them “remote healing sessions” because they are often just as effective as face-to-face meetings!

Asha has been a huge support with my children - suggesting remedies for them and even other health care practitioners who she felt would be able to help us. The level of care, availability and support I have received from her is almost unheard of nowadays, and is priceless to me!

The best outcome of the healing work I have done with Asha is the inner strength and optimism that I feel today. I am confident that whatever life throws at me, I will be able to rise above it. I am eternally grateful for this special woman who has played such a pivotal role in my healing.
S. C.
Dear Asha,
What words could possibly give fair and honest representation to the enormity of your healing gifts and the deeply effective work you do? I have always found such comfort in knowing you are there for me when my mind, body or soul become weary and symptoms start to rule my life. Along with your fabulously intuitive application of the art of homeopathy, I have found a new level of respect for you since being a part of your Sacred Soul Healing workshops. There are healers on this planet, and then there is you. Always deeply rooted in -- and in honour of -- your powerful and beautiful ancestry, you bring to your patients the purest form of healing I have ever witnessed. One comes away feeling quenched and renewed inside and out.
Asha has helped me so deeply on my healing journey. She creates a loving, safe listening space for the sharing of my most inner thoughts and wounds and in her gentle, beautiful, compassionate and accepting way, she helps me transform those experiences into wisdom and freedom. She is the embodiment of grace, empowerment and love. I am profoundly grateful for her presence in my life; she is a true gift to this world.

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