Resources I Recommend


Nicole and Elliott Meltzer (multi-faceted health and wellness team):

Susan Beamish (healing facilitator and guide):

Naturopathic Doctors: 

Tara Annesley:

Holistic Health Mentors:

Jen Fish:

Jenn Pike:

Justine Kobitowich:

Yoga and Healing Studios:

Aarti Inamdar:

Jo-Ann McRogers (The Heart Collective):

Laura Younder (Ananda Hot Yoga Georgina):

Priscilla Filipe (Intentions Yoga):

Body Work: Massage Therapy/Osteopathy/Craniosacral Therapy

Kate Lipman:

Lexie Kanters and Tracy Griffin:

Ryan Richardson:


Allen Ng:

Kristine Newman:

Laura Foster:

Counselling Services:

Debbie Homewood:


Business Coaching:

Celeste Frenette:

Healing/New Age Stores:

Emily and Julia Watson:

Graphic/Web Design:

Corey Szames:


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